Interface Design testing for B2B E-commerce store

Dear sir/madam,

This information letter is intended to help you decide about your participation in this research study. It describes the study, what you may expect if you decide to take part, and important information to help you make your decision.
• Participating in this study is voluntary – it is your choice;
• If you join this study, you can change your mind and withdraw at any time;
• It is important you understand why and how this study will be conducted;
• The potential benefits and risks are described.

Please take time to read this information. Contact the Responsible Researcher if you do not understand something or if you need more information. The names and contact details can be found under “Contact Information” below in this document.
Only participate in this study if your questions have been answered sufficiently, and you voluntarily decide that you want to participate.

Thank you for reading this information and for considering your participation.

What is the purpose of this study?
The purpose of this study is to engage with a small set of existing customers, to test our design concepts and improvements and gather valuable insights that can inform the final design recommendations of the Philips Healthcare E-commerce stores globally.

Where will the study be conducted?
The study will take place online via an online prototype evaluation via Invision prototyping tool and online usability testing software( to support testing and guide you through the prototype.

Duration of your participation in the study
Your participation in this study will take about a maximum of 0.5 hours of your time from home/ office through a invitation. The exact time and place will be discussed with you by the Responsible Researcher.

Who organized and paid for the study?
This study is organized and paid for by Philips Nederland B.V. (“Philips”)

Philips has carefully prepared this study and the set-up has been reviewed by an independent internal review committee.

What are the steps in the study and what is expected from me?
In total, about 5-7 volunteers will participate in this study.

Each volunteer will see the future the design of the store and will be able to navigate through a prototype of this future design. During this navigating you will be asked to perform hypothetical tasks related to the use of the store and your screen will be recorded. You will also be asked to ‘think-out-loud’ during the test and your computer or tables microphone will be used to record your out loud thinking.

Which equipment will be used in this study?
We’ll use a mock-up/ prototype of the design(ed) (changes) via an (online) tool called Invision. The prototype will be loaded in the remote usability testing tool ‘’ that will allows screen recording and capturing of audio.

Can I stop my participation?
You can stop your participation in the study at any time without giving reasons. The Responsible Researcher may ask why you decided to stop but you are entitled to refuse giving an answer.

The Responsible Researcher may end your participation if:
• Further participation may cause harm to you
• You did not comply with the instructions for participation given to you
• You no longer meet the criteria for participation
• Philips decided to stop the study.

If your participation is no longer possible, the Responsible Researcher will inform you.

Please note, in case your participation stops, personal data already collected about you will be further processed by Philips as described in this information letter, however, you always have the right to have it deleted if you wish so.

What are the potential risks of participating in the study?
There are no safety risks involved in participating in this study. In case of a data-breach on, data might leak. However, has secured the infrastructure to the European new data protection rules, and therefore reduced the risk to a minimum.

What are the benefits of participating in the study?
Sharing your expertise and insights will help further improve our (digital) products and services for which you make use of to improve your experience with our future services.

It is the view of the research team that the benefits outweigh the risks.

General liability insurance is arranged by Royal Philips. If you would like more information or to receive a certificate of insurance, please contact the Responsible Researcher.

No compensation will be given

Will my participation be kept confidential?
Your identity and your participation in this study will be kept strictly confidential. Philips is committed to respect your privacy rights.

If you decide to participate, your personal data may be collected during the study. To protect your privacy, the following process will be applied: All of your directly identifying personal data (e.g., name, address, etc.) will be separated from the research data (e.g., your measurement data, etc.) and replaced by an assigned code. The directly identifying data will be only used to contact you. Access to the link between the assigned code and your identity will be limited to the Responsible Researcher and might only be disclosed to auditing bodies, if required.

In case any directly identifying data cannot be removed and coded as indicated above due to reporting requirements or due to technical limitations, the Responsible Researcher will inform you about the personal data that will not be coded and also why this will not be done.

As a record of your participation, your personal data (such as the signed consent form) will be stored as long as is required by local regulations and practice. You have the right at any time to request an overview of your identifiable personal data that has been collected, and to have inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant data corrected or deleted (if applicable). To do so, please contact the Responsible Researcher.

Audio and screens are being recorded using the remote user testing software. There will be no de-identifying of the audio using an obscured voice. The study, including the screen recordings and audio will be deleted within 6 months after the last recording.

During the test only your computer screen (as in prototype in your web browser) and your spoken feedback will be recorded.

Audio/video will be deleted after transcription. Transcription will take place within 6 months after last recording.

What happens with the results of this study?
The data collected in this study will only be used for research and development purposes. In addition, the data may be used for the development of or improvements to existing products.

The results may be published (e.g. scientific publications, presentations or reports). Publications will not disclose your identity. Also, the results from this study may be used in the future for secondary purposes and research and development purposes where anonymised, de-identified or coded data may be shared with third parties. It will be ensured that the receiving party cannot, and is contractually prohibited to, trace the data back to an individual.

Confidentiality of Philips’ confidential information
During the study you might come across confidential information of Philips. The information brochures, study descriptions, equipment, user manuals, instructions, together with information generated by you during the study, e.g. measurement results, user feedback, is confidential information belonging to Philips. You agree to keep the secrecy and confidentiality of such information and use it only for the purpose of your participation in the study.

Thank you very much for reading this information letter and for considering your participation in the study. If you decide to participate you will get a copy of this information letter and a copy of the signed informed consent.

Contact Information
If you have any questions regarding this study including requests for additional information about the study or your rights as a participant (before, during or after your participation), please contact the Responsible Researcher. In the unlikely event of an injury, please contact the Responsible Researcher.

[Give all Names, address and contact details in the table below]
Study Sponsor Philips Electronics Nederland B.V. (“Philips”)
Responsible Researcher Philips Experience Design; Richard de Vries
Cooperating Researchers Philips Experience Design; Russel Gallant

INFORMED CONSENT Usability testing for B2B E-commerce store


 I have read and understood the information letter about this study and all my questions have been answered by the Responsible Researcher.

 I had sufficient time to consider my participation in this study and I am fully aware that my participation in this study is voluntary.

 I agree to participate in this study and follow the Responsible Researcher’s instructions.

 I know that I can decide not to participate or stop my participation at any time without giving any reason for this decision.

I understand and agree that my personal data will be collected, used and processed, for the purposes of the study, by the Responsible Researcher and other parties involved in the study.

✓ I understand that my directly identifying personal data (e.g., name, address, etc.) will be separated from the research data and replaced by an assigned code. Access to the link between the assigned number and my identity will be limited to the Responsible Researcher and might only be disclosed to auditing bodies, if necessary.

 I agree to the use of my data for other research and development purposes.

 I know that I have the right to request an overview of the personal data collected about me and can have it corrected or deleted.

 I understand that any and all information related to the study, including anything in writing and verbally communicated to me is confidential information belonging to Philips. I hereby agree to keep the aforesaid information confidential, use it exclusively for the purpose of deciding on my participation in the study.

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